Here’s a story from CNN about how the economic recession (or “downturn” depending on who you ask)means higher sales for stores that deal in “gently used” clothes and goods, i.e. recycling.

Isn’t this something we should do anyway? Why wait around to find someone to give away old clothes to, clothes that were bought at high retail prices. Or worse, why throw away something that could be of use to someone else? We need to be mindful of other people, in sacrificial ways, and in ways that cost us nothing but only require a bit of time and thought. Unfortunately it seems to take economic hardships to shock people out of their spend, consume, and throw-away lifestyles.

But Christians could lead this. Does your church have a food ministry that takes advantage of scratch and dent food from nearby grocers that would otherwise be thrown out, do you have a clothes closet for those in need, do you have a bulletin board to offer goods that are unneeded within the congregation?

My church does none of these things, so these are challenges to explore in the future for us.


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