I stumbled across this book in a Lifeway store today while I was there putting up a poster for our church’s upcoming Matthew Smith concert. Its nothing new (came out 2004), but its new to me!

Check out part of the introduction:

“Evangelicals have not thought about life from the ground up as Christians, because their entire culture has ceased to do so. [Jonathon] Edwards’ piety continued on is the revivalist tradition. his theology continued on in academic Calvinism, but there were no successors to his God-entranced worldview or his profoundly theological philosophy. The disappearance of Edwards’ perspective in American Christian history has been a tragedy.” – Mark Noll

It also boasts a pretty all-star roster: Stephen J. Nichols (Contributor) Noel Piper (Contributor), J. I. Packer (Contributor), Donald S. Whitney (Contributor), Mark Dever (Contributor), Sherard Burns (Contributor), Paul Helm (Contributor), C. Samuel Storms (Contributor), John Piper (Editor), Justin Taylor (Editor)