Far too many Christians are content to huddle outside the establishment of worldly influence and hurl religious pebbles at the windows so to speak; to be a thorn in the side of the humanistic ways of society and nothing more, all the while patting themselves on the back for “standing up for what is right”. I believe this image describes the attitudes and actions of many we identify as the “religious right” in our churches, in politics, and and in our culture.

Walter Wiersbe once wrote: “When something false succeeds, it is because something real has failed.” I believe that when a substitute or a false image of anything becomes the norm, it is partially because a false worldview has displaced a proper (Christian) worldview.

  • It happens when size 00 supermodels become the accepted standard for beauty.
  • It happens when girls are called “heroes” simply for not aborting a baby, never mind the fact that if they had exercised respect for life they probably would have waited.
  • It happens when young men are held captive more by violent video games than by God’s creation.
  • It happens when pornography becomes the standard by which young men view sex and thus, how they view women as well.
  • It happens when men allow their sons to be emasculated by their mothers, because raising your sons to be real men is politically incorrect and misogynist
  • It happens when we value equality more than excellence, and punish those who produce and achieve more

And it happens even in the church when we:

  • Replace reverence with casualness
  • Replace holiness with legalism
  • Replace a Holy God with a genie-in-a-bottle God who is here for our self-fulfillment
  • And when we try to replace Christ’s righteousness with our own, which is but rags.

Instead of worrying about if we can pass laws that ban gay marriage and keep condoms out of schools, or force prayer back into schools, maybe we need to attack the pagan worldviews that people’s sin flourishes and multiplies within, and show them a framework for viewing life that sees it as sacred because it is God-given. Instead of decrying the sin of the world as “a sign of the times” and hang our heads, maybe we need to take action to show people that there’s hope for something better when we view life from the ground up as God would have us view it, and live the way we were meant to before sin messed it all up. The best defense is a good offense.