Several years ago, I was introduced to what is called a “Preterist” view of prophecy, or a “realized eschatology” by my grandfather John L. Bray, who is an old school Southern Baptist preacher that began to question what SBC churches teaching about the “last-days”. After retiring from the pastorate he has written, published, and distributed his own books and newsletters about prophecy now for several decades. But for me it was THROUGH his book “Matthew 24 Fulfilled” and other books from preterists like Gary Demar and others that I gradually realized Dispensationalism for the sham that it is. Since that time, I have read many other books, articles, and such from other preterist authors. In the process I actually reformed and came to a Calvinist and Covenantalist view, which my grandfather never really was since he was an old school Southern Baptist. So though we might not agree on some points of eschatology, and we certainly differ on our soteriological views, I owe a lot to his writings which jumpstarted in interest in theology for me, and getting to know the Scripture from which my faith in Christ is embedded, founded upon, and flows from.


So naturally, I was always curious what would become of my grandfather’s work when he retired for good and left this earth. His book “Matthew 24 Fulfilled” after all, was self-published and without my grandfather still around to send you a free copy by mail, I didn’t know what would become of it. But apparently his good friend Gary Demar of American Vision is going to take up my grandfather’s book and reprint it, now with a fresh layout and cover design. (Just one look at their publication “Biblical Worldview” should be proof of their commitment to excellence in layout and publishing design). This is exciting. Stay tuned. And visit to see what they are about. Or read this excerpt from the book:


But it is important that we recognize the fact that most of all the passages in the New Testament which are generally used to picture a coming of Christ in our future to judge the world, are actually passages referring to the coming of Christ which the disciples expected in their generation (Matthew 24:34) and which Jesus had promised would take place before all of them were dead (Matthew 16:28). from Pg. 174


Bray has researched, and quotes historians, early church fathers, Bible commentators and scholars such as Josephus, Eusebius, Tertullian, Augustine, John Owen, John Calvin, Matthew Henry, and Benjamin Warfield. It was is a well-researched book. I’m anxious to see what American Vision is going to do for it.