As of last month, I now have a cousin who has relocated from Florida, U.S.A. to New Zealand to pursue youth ministry. He attended Palm Beach Atlantic college in south Florida, and then seminary in New Orleans. After a couple youth pastorates here in the states he sought out ministry abroad. So there he is now, in his late 20s and half a world away, driving on the left side of the road from the opposite side of the car, and yielding to sheep herds. Here’s a couple pics….

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Cathedral Cove


Cathedral Cove at sunset

Its really cool to know that I have family living as transplants on another continent, in another hemisphere. Its like the world just got a little bigger. I am very anxious for future reports on his ministry there as a small towns first official Youth Pastor. I am also very curious to see his reflections on American/Western Christianity after experiencing the spiritual life and practices on an entirely different continent.


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