Heres a link to an interesting story today on The Today Show with Matt Lauer about the openly gay Bishop Robinson of the Episcopal Church and his upcoming civil union, book, and plans to attend The Anglican Church’s Lambeth Conference this summer.


Here some of his quotes from the interview and my thoughts:


“When you try to love the world the way God loves the world, you’re going to get in trouble. The prophets of Judaism got in trouble. Jesus got in trouble….. I’ve come to understand that this is a particular historic role that God is calling me to play at this moment,”

 Bishop Gene Robinson is the guy that hinted he believed Jesus was possibly a homosexual. It’s amazing how people will repaint, and distort Jesus of Nazareth to conform to their own image to justify their actions.

Robinson feels that people who use the Bible to condemn homosexuals fail to understand Scripture. It is called an abomination for a man to lie with another man as with a woman, but, he writes, the Bible also says it is an abomination to eat pork or shellfish, to wear clothing made of two different fibers, or to sow two different types of seed in the same field.

Should a Christian Bishop be throwing the whole Bible “under the bus” in the process of defending himself? It reveals a bigger issue about the law that I worry a bishop such as this does not even care to address with integrity. It seems we can just pick and choose which laws seem good to follow.

“We’ve often misinterpreted Scripture,” Robinson told Lauer. “We’ve used Scripture to justify slavery; the subjugation of women.”


When speaking of his upcoming civil union he says:


“I am simply not going to put my life in jeopardy without putting into place the protections for my beloved partner and my children and my grandchildren that are offered to me in a civil union,” Robinson said. “I think any husband or wife would want to do that.”


Dude, it’s called a having a will, or even better a “living trust”. The same rights heterosexuals enjoy by default are available to homosexuals if they go through proper legal channels. You can assign whoever you want to as beneficiary on insurance policies, and you can “will” whatever you want to whomever you wish. The plea to have the same rights as heterosexuals is such a smokescreen.