I couldn’t resist posting a shameless promotion post for Red Mountain Church’s new album This Breaks My Heart of Stone, which I haven’t even bought yet but is one of RMC’s most promising albums; featuring another 8 hymns from William Gadsby’s hymnbook. I am always grateful for quality music put out by Christians, with a reverence for God and worshipping Him at the forefront and a concern for popularity or sales far, far down the line of priorities. Check out the album here: http://www.redmountainchurch.org/rmm/alb/tbmhos.html or read Brian Murphy’s note to would-be listeners:


And yet, there are moments where the light shines. There are moments where I am “convinced as a sinner, to Jesus I come”. There are moments when I meet someone and their belief shakes me somewhere deep inside, because I feel a similar belief inside myself. These moments of belief don’t seem to happen very often, but when they do, it feels like rain is falling on the drought of my soul.

For me – and I think for a lot of us – these moments of belief often coincide with music. These songs remind me, they remind us, that the gospel is at work. That redemption is taking place. That sad things are being made untrue. That hopefully in small pieces and small moments, our hardened hearts are breaking.