There is a very good article this month in ByFaith Online (the PCA’s denominational magazine) about being “Created For Community”. Check it out or read this exceprt from it:

Battling the Kingdom of One

Yet with all of our gratitude, it is important to recognize that there is something powerful inside each of us that drives us away from these two essential communities. That thing is sin. In its fundamental form, sin is anti-social. A verse in 2 Corinthians 5 captures this well: “And he died for all that those who live should no longer live for themselves … .” He died for my sin—which causes me to shrink my life down to the size of…my life. Sin causes my thoughts and motives to be dominated by a powerful triad of self-focus: my wants, my feeling, my needs. Where sin reigns community struggles.

Think further with me. Sin is not first the breaking of rules. Sin is first the breaking of relationship. When I love God above all else, I gladly keep His law. When I love myself above all else, I will step over God’s boundaries again and again.

So our problem with community is not just the result of the cultural influences that surround us. Our primary problem with community exists inside of us. Sin causes us to lose sight of the grand purposes of the kingdom of God while we expend all kinds of effort to build tiny little kingdoms of one. So, even when we are in relationship with others, we try to co-opt them into the service of our kingdom purposes.

Unfortunately, i think much of this line of thinking, while being expressed and articulated at the level of the Presbyterian Church in America’s national magazine ByFaith, is absent or overlooked at the local church level. I want to brainstorm some ways our practices and traditions can take into consideration our need for community to a greater extent. More later.


Also, another good article about what the PCA is doing about AIDS.