I’m a midtwenties Christian male, born in the Sunshine State of Florida, and I currently live in Central NC.

I strum an acoustic guitar, lead worship music from time to time, rewrite old american hymn lyrics to new tunes, brew my own beer, build stuff. I read a lot, am tattooed and pierced, love art & culture in general in a Christ-centered way.

I grew up Southern Baptist. I dabbled in other Protestant streams, and reformed in my early twenties. I’m now a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), soon to be deacon in 2009.

I have no theology degree. I read quite a bit. I’m quite fond of J.I. Packer and John Stott. J.I. Packer’s “Knowing God” changed my life. I have a couple shelves of commentaries and other books.

I love the Blue Ridge Mountains, watching extreme sports like skateboarding and BMX, camping, and indie rock.